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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fun

Oh, the goodness I found in the H&S Village today! I didn't find all the eggs ... but this is what I did find!!

Majestic Shapes had 5 eggs to find. These eggs are hidden all over the sim, not just around the store. As always, Emily has spoiled us with lots of goodness from the store. There are tops, and lingerie, and shapes, stuff for guys. The list is endless!

Pulling Strings has some great poses in the hunt, including prezzies from the latest releases! Owner of this store, is the sexy Hunt Hostess as well Ms. Elle Kirshner. Elle puts a lots of time in to her super cool poses & animations.

These are definitely not your static model poses, and are sure to add an element of fun to your pics!

There are prizes from her latest releases as well.

The Papparazzi set is for the SL Superstar in all of us, and lots of fun!

Olive Juice has 4 eggs filled with goodness.

The black winged tee, the bunneh parts, the leg warmers, and the shorts all shown above, are gift from the eggs! *kisses to Swan Ling for these amazing goodies"

Sardonic Sounds donated awesome gestures as prizes. If you're looking for the best in witty, funny, and silly sound gestures - this is where you need to be. This store has just recently opened, and owner Giskard Kessel takes orders for custom work as well.

Touche also has 4 yummy eggs, in and around her store. Find them all, and you will have this cute outfit. Thank you Trebel!

Check out Touche's Main Store for shoes, and accessories.

Second Spaces did not disappoint! OMG! Elle was abundantly generous with her hunt prizes!

Find the 5 hidden eggs, to collect all the pieces as shown above! Total & complete awesomeness!
The fabric on the cushions of the daybed, and chair have pink & blue skulls! Its super cute grungy girl!

I adore this set, and happen to own many pieces from Second Spaces.

I appreciate Elle's attention to detail, and originality of her work. Elle has even created the poses in these pieces.

2 Xtreme has created
this awesome butterfly as a Hunt exclusive.

[AMG Boudoir] gifts us with this fab "Elena" hair.

HLD spoils us with this yummy spring outfit.

Lemania's retiring dollarbie today is Twiggy. In the 1960s, at 16, Twiggy became the first prominent teenage model. She was known for her large eyes, long eyelashes, and thin build, and is regarded as one of the most famous models of all time.

Don't miss your chance to own this tribute, for just 1L! As always, this will be available until 9am tomorrow morning.

The French Farm, has an amazing deal for 1L. Check out this uniquely sexy cocktail dress!

Look for a Carrot Hunt at the Farm on Sunday for more freebie goodness!!

Ova Hauled is an awesome Neko type store. In celebration, Ova Hauled is offering an Easter Tail & Ear set for 0L. This is only available until Sunday! Don't miss out on your chance to get the 17 texture change fully scripted tail & ears, with interactions for the owner, and friends! The ears are nicely decorated with egg earrings !!

There are a few other freebie items for your inner Neko as well as a subscribo, and monthly gifts for group members.

The shops at Crush Row have eggs set out, filled with goodness! Some eggs are set at 0L, others at 1L. Participating shops include:

Vendetta Garden has some seasonal gifts for your home. An orchid, and a bougainvillea.

F&C has this fantastic shark skin mini dress.

Pididdle gives us this "blob" jewellry set, in awesome spring colors.

Akai gives us this long sleeved shirt as shown above in one of the eggs in the store. There are actually 4 to behold, 2 include poses, and the other egg is stuffed full of sexy tube top goodness.

Coco spoils us with a gem bracelet.

Aoharu - gives us the cute bunny flats as shown in many of the pics :)

HiFi - twisted pink cotton beanie & pink Frankie Rat Queen hat.

Modd G has this awesome bikini.

*BOOM* gives us a 50L gift card good for 365 days, so you can use it any way you choose.

.:Malt:. Fashions generously gifted us with bracelets, and ties, in 2 colors.

:[MudHoney]: has created this awesome Easter basket pose, called Exhausted Bunneh!

After all this hunting today, I am an exhausted bunny!

Have fun!

Hugs, Sav

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi sav,
thank you very much for posting aboug H&S Village Hunt. I am trying to find some of you introduced but only AMG Boudoir's hair I cannot find. Could you give me a hint where is it?


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