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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Havi's First Post

Hi!!! My name is Havilah, but friends call me Havi- and other various and sundry names that shall not be repeated in polite company!!! I am 78 days old and addicted to SL! I have been a freebie chaser since day one and I have very refined tastes lol!! SL offers some really nice stuff and I can sniff them out from a few hundred miles away!!!! I blog like I talk, fast and a lot!!!!!!! Looking forward to sharing with you sweet readers!!

FINALLY! I found an awesome free hoodie for MEN that I can transfer to my guy! He loves hoodies and I do as well, so this is a joyous find!! Located in The Sea Hole on a really cool sim.

Also on this whimsical sim is The Fairies and the store has a few landscaping freebies. They look like fun!!! I am considering rezzing the doghouse freebie on my parcel for when my partner uses up too many prims on his 'building projects!!!' Have fun chasing rainbows and butterflies!!!

I went to check out a bathing suit but found a bunch more goodies at Veronica's Secret!

Chelsea's Creations is the store where I bought one of my all time fav dresses for 35L, so when she offered a dollarbie I jumped on the tp! Cute, cute, cute pants and corset outfit.

If you walk around in formals :) you will love Bliss Couture's freebie. It is a romantic long dress. Very elegant.

In the same sim as Chelsea's you will find Elisabeth's Store with a great freebie next to the stairs. The gift bag contains a neat picture frame and some nice jewelry.

Speaking of household stuff, check out Calia's Design's. She has an awesome low prim lamp as her 'January gift.' I am forever trying to trim prims, and Calia's makes this primpossible task more bearable!

Serendipity has some great sales on the second floor. I have observed that the 'Asian look' is making a fashion splash and they have a really nice dress here for 10L.

So, I am all about name dropping in SL since I can't afford this stuff in RL and Arrongard has a 1L burberry bikini! If you are a beach bum, er, bunny in SL this is great for you!!!


1 comment:

Nikki Clarity said...

Thanks for the finds!!! :)))


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