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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Early morning freebies

*yawn* Drinking a cup of coffee and thought I'd see what I could line up for you for today.

Journey at
Prism Haute Couture has another dollarbie outfit for us. This Valentine's outfit includes hair and boots!

Striking Poses has their Playboy fatpack of poses for 1L. Go to the center of the store next to the group sign up. If you don't already belong to Striking Poses, do so! It's a Subscribe-O-Matic so won't take up any room in your groups!

Baby Monkey turns a year old today, so of course, we get the presents! Pixie put out a group gift which you can get by joining her group (several pairs of pumps), and a gift for anyone who goes by - a darling pair of fuschia pumps.

Whimsey has four gift boxes out at 1L each (and a Subscribe-O-Matic, which has skins as a welcome gift). One contains dresses, one contains hair, one has purses, and the last has lashes!

Sin & Secrets put out a cute new dollarbie - two tops and a black lace skirt, collectively called "Movie Night".

A&k Designs has a Valentine's catsuit for us, for free. Lots of group member gifts around as well.

SkinSane has redesigned their store (I approve! So much lighter and brighter now!) and has put out a new 1L skin. There's a 50L group skin as well.

Finally, I've started making shoes again. There are a pair of black and red sculpty pumps
here for you to buy for 1L (pay the box), and you can find more to purchase here. Please take a look around the mall while you're there! You'll find PixelDolls (everything in the store is only 50L!), Urban Funeral, Hax Clothing, AQUA, Emporio Caproni Skins, UK Couture, KA Designs, ShoeFly Shoes, and of course, a variety of my own stores.

~~~~~~~End of freebies (for now)

I wanted to talk a little bit about a designer that was mentioned on the blog the other day. Her store is called *IW* and her name is Inga Wind.

You all know me by now - when I find a designer that I think is outstanding, I just have to say a few words....and Inga is outstanding! She has an incredible
wall of freebies, and another of 50L outfits. Inga uses amazing textures to create original designs that you just won't find anywhere else in SL.

In the picture below, I am wearing Inga's "Rose in Red", which comes with a darling hat, earrings, and cute shoes.

I've told many people about Inga this past week, and they've all loved her designs! I encourage you to stop by today and take some time looking around the store (and buying!) and don't forget to grab the freebies...which you won't believe are free!

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