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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Havi's Sunday Finds

For the lassies, there is a really cute dollarbie at Groningen!

Free heart poofer at Knucklehead Designs.

Nice long flexi 0L hair at Beidermen's.

Topaz Square has some 10L eyes and 0L skin. Limited time offer so get down there NOW

Kalloni Mall is a wealth of high end freebies! Got a jewelry set here at Avila's. Free buttercups at Stamens. Cool gadgets galore here under the tree! The whole mall is a sensory delight so walk around and find the freebies! They are everywhere!

Several full outfits at Soraya Shan- good stuff for 0L!!!

La Grande Bleu has a gift bag on the stairs for 0L and a box with a nice outfit for 0L near the entrance.

J Style has four freebies - bathing suit, formal, corset, and casual outfits.

LeeZu has 0L hair, outfits, and jewelry on the table.

Sin and Secrets has a outfit for 1L with two shirts and a skirt, plus some 0L undies and a tank.

Ooh! Secret sale on hair at Bewitched!!! One of my fav hair places on SL! Freebies and clearance hair!

Prim and Pixel has freebies and low priced outfits.

Sugar Mill is having a fun all day sidewalk sale and party. Lots of SL'ers here and they are having F-U-N! Drop by and dance!

L.A. Couture has a new freebie! Diamond heart Tiffany necklace!

Renegade has a lovely white formal gown for 1L, shoes and boots for 1L and casual outfits for 1-5L.

OneL outfits at Deka Designs.

Alady skins has the mother lode of free skins and accessories today at their skin expo. EIGHTY skins for 0L! OMG! I need to be alone for a moment..........okay back. What are you waiting for! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay friends! Get going! You have a lot to do so jump on the limos above and shop!


Havi :)

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