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Monday, January 26, 2009

JayGee Exclusive Designs has a button down white shirt in it's gift bag for 0L. I have searched SL for a white button down! Whoo hoo! Score one for Havi!

If you haven't been inundated with hearts and flowers and candy on SL, then you probably don't realize V-Day is just around the corner!!! Antovic has a cute 10L Valentine Knit outfit downstairs and a 1L January bracelet upstairs. Numen has a super cute 'Valentine' tank on the table as you walk in for 1L. It is really more of an everyday tank but it is cute. The store itself is worth the tp!!! Very elegant, very detailed. A feast for the eyes!

So while shopping with my partner for the ubitiquous landscaping supplies ( grrrrrrrrr) I stumbled across a cute freebie outfit for 0L at Mystic Designs. The beach bum, er bunny in me is always searching for nice lounging stuff and I ran across a white lingerie set here. It is not for public wearing but if you are working on your tan........'Course we had to relog because he was messing with the animations but it was worth it for a great find, lol.

Speaking of partners, if you are taking the plunge or have already, or just love jewelry ,check out Jewelry by Lynn. She has a darling gold band set for females as well as males upstairs for 10L. Across the way, Bonita's offers a freebie that has fast become one of my fav accessories. It is an antique wrapped pearl necklace. The color is divine and the pearls look great with casual as well as formal outfits. Next door is a cool lucky chair platform with a neat pair of freebie shoes on the wall. Just a great sim altogether.

I stumbled upon another elegant sim with a great store offerng four freebies both casual and formal. Abia Capalini is a really pretty store with high quality clothes, so I was super excited to find some great pieces to add to my ever growing inventory. My Style offers a pair of freebie jeans and a face light at the counter. I love my face light so I highly recommend getting it if you don't have one already. My fav, most best fitting jeans were a gift from my friend Marci Delight though, available at Tiki Delight along with a bunch of other cool freebies, so I stick with what works for me. Let me know if you like these jeans and I will give them the ol' college try, lol.

My friend Vivian im'd me last night for some free outfits at a store called *IW* . I was trying to help a noobie find some quality stuff, so I couldn't look around as much as I would have liked. The owner happened to be there and after I left she im'd me and thanked me for coming by and sent me the MOST gorgeous dress! The dress is amazing. The skirt couldn't be more fluid. Oh my gosh these freebie outfits are TOO LIVE FOR! They are 0L on the back wall. The sim she is on is really pretty too. I am so nosy I like to go into every place I see! I go into homes and rip off, er borrow decorating ideas.

Phantasm has a 0L orange mini dress just out.

Dona Flora has some 1L jewelry and skin on the table in the middle of the store.

Free skin in two color tones and shape at Cybernetic! Hope you readers appreciate it because I had to do some serious elbowing in the lag to get it! Until tomorrow......


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