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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Morning Freebies!

Pussycat Creations has a 1L box with lots of outfits. Plus the store is a lot of fun with like, 12 lucky chairs!

Found tons of 0L gadgets here at DW.

Great AO, skin, and top here for 1L each at Flirtini.

Super psyched with this valentine hunt! Alyssa is one of my fav jewelry designers, so anything she offers is a must have for me!

Speaking on hunting, just found a 1L skin at Pulse! Had to work for this one friends! It is ON TOP of the Lorala 5 make ups sign!!! Across the way at Aisle 2 is another Pulse skin for 2L!

A-Bomb makes me happy! 1L tee and a great 0L gift box!!! Next door there is a little Cupcakes with a handful of 0L dresses! Love me some cupcakes! Niki Rose has a 0L pink formal gown just inside the store.

JayGee has two 0L outfits when you tp in. One is a casual skirt and cardigan and the other is a purple mesh outfit.

Shameless has a nice selection of matching tanks and shorts for 1L each on the patio and some cute summery dresses with sandals for 5L here! I ended up cruising the whole shopping area and found some unbelievable buys! Tons of clothes for men AND women for 2L!!! Worth a tp for sure!

Kiss This has a fun hunt right here. Read the instructions then have a blast! Tons of fun and cool Valentine Day stuff!

Heavenly Treasure has 1L eyes in FORTY seven colors!

Have a wonderful Thursday and STAY WARM~!


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