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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Havi's Finds!

My precious readers- if you are not into the hunts, this weekend this post is for you! I have posted gifts and freebies below not related to the big hunts. Ya'll have fun!

Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps has balloons all over the store with freebies for V-day! Jewelry, candles, and clothes from various designers!

Solares has a lacy negligee for 0L.

has a sugar plum dress and ballet flats for 0L. Also, you can find a handful of goodies here on the same sim. Fun stuff to be found!

D'signs has a 0L red dress with a heart cut out for the back. Too cute!

Polly Jean is a cute little pill box with 0L and 1L clothes, poses, and jewelry.

Believe it or not, Tragic has an adorable mini dress for 1L!!! I had a few trepidations at first about venturing here, but it was so worth it! For all you goth-tastic readers this will be quite a change from the usual fair offered at this store, but try the pink! You just may find a southern belle lives in you, too!

DaneMarkZ has dollarbies that are so cute! Dresses and purses and shoe and jewelry.......ah good times! Also, in the middle of the store is a 'pink section' with a really pretty pink dress for 12L.

Heavenly Treasures has seven 1L frames in V-day themes with a slideshow and are transferrable! Perfect gifts for friends and luvahs! There IS a mini hunt going on in the store, but it is fun and no pressure. One of the hearts contains a 5000L gift certificate!

Two skins for 1L and a men's outfit at Beauty. Tp into the sim and walk around! Holy cow! This is one of my new favorite malls, for sure! High, high, high end couture everywhere! A treat to walk around and a great way to check out new designers because each store has a freebie!

Ambience has a gift bag with a free candle set for a limited time to introduce the line of new interactive furniture.

has a really vintage looking dress called WA Lolita for 10L.

Wipe Out has some really nice drop gem earrings for 1L on the back wall.

has the MOST luscious lilac outfit for 1L. Saw a lady wearing it and had to know where she bought it! Thought it would be hundreds of lindens- that is how delicious it is!

Outrage has 1L heart balloons with eyes and accessories in them.

Heaven Fashion
has COMPLETE outfits for 1L. Clothes, shoes, AND the jewelry. Six boxes on the second floor. Kind of club-esque style.

CANNOT rhapsodize enough about the furniture and home accessories at JoJo's Folly!!! If you join her group ( and I am so NOT a joiner but this one is waaaaaaaaay worth it! ) she creates new group gifts EACH AND EVERY week! She is usually in the store and will chat with you and answer any questions. She has the coolest couch ever that converts into a bed! Only 8 prims!

Okay that is all for today!



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