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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Accessories & More ...

Hello again sexies!

I have lots of stuff for you today, mostly accessories like jewelry, and shoes, so let's get right to it.

In the first pic, you will see me wearing a free skin from eXtreme Reality Skins. They have free skins for guys, and girls (about 60 of them per gender!) I am also wearing a jewellry set from Valhalla, which you will read more about later in the post.

Without further adieu ....

Thalia's fashion Collection Boutique has amazing profile picks rewards that change weekly. If you don't know how that works, you simply add the store to your profile Picks, and they reward your with free merchandise ... every week. Cool huh!?

Shengri La Hope has Debutante Pearl Set. One in black and one white. You can grab both sets for 1L

WISH Shoes & more has goodies for guys & gals as well as more freebies under the tree here beside POE Globe # 315

ENKYTHINGS has free shoes at their main display, inside the door, and the cutest free heel earrings.

Phychotic Neko is offering a free Christmas tail and has camping for store gift cards! Great Christmas idea for your favourite Neko.

Macy`s Boutique has gift bags on the floor - freebies, and dollarbies. Freebies include a Holly Days bracelet, and Snowman snow globe, while the dollarbie bag contains a snowflake maker if you are interested.


Cartoonimals is offering a free Christmas cat in a box . Oh my gosh, I fell in love with this little critter. He is animated, and pops out of the present. You can see him, in the pic above.

Sky Everett Designs is offering free eyelashes.

A&A Designs has several goodies under the tree as well as a dollarbie gift at the back of the store, as well as lucky chairs

Harbour View has a dollarbie table in the store

Paja has a couple of gifts on the floor for you.

Fusion Furniture has a free gift bag on the floor, and on the table for you.

Total Betty is offering a free silver dress. Its absolutely gorgeous and perfect for your holiday parties. See the pic for more details.

Burning Chrome a stack of Christmas prezzies, some for guys, and some for girls. Check out the pic below for a sample of what you might find.

{Violet Voltaire} has a special Holiday headress (headband)

Valhalla Beach Designs Store has set out 10 items for 1L in the store for your Christmas shopping. Items include a Neko Necklace, Gold & Silver Link Necklace, Silver Star Necklace,
& the Mandala necklace2, with color change stone to name but a few.

There are lots of freebies at the Lya store! A free jewelry set, free swim suits in the corner by the door, free sunglasses, and if you make your way upstairs, you will find a room full of shoes. The shoes are marked as "reduced price" but what they really mean, is FREE! Even the fat packs!

CeeJay's - has an absolutely gorgeous Destiny Lavender Ice jewelry set available for us.

This should keep you busy until I have more for you.

Until next time ...


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