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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Havi's Tuesday Morning Finds

How cool is this find? Fabulous Fashion TV has a studio you can visit and designer's gifts on the counter!

Badouri has 0L and 1L outfits at the counter.

Phizz has a 0L gift of the week. The whole mall has freebies everywhere so walk around and get some goodies!

Sunland has everything you could ever imagine for free. My guy found this place, by the way! "I don't know why anyone would ever buy anything, you could get it all here for free!" is a direct quote! Thanks, baby!

Sexy Angel has a nice black 1L outfit near the ropes. Annoying fairy here too.

Ora Trei has many freebies, dollarbies, and extremely reduced items, as well as a pair of HoneyBear's Gold Weave pumps for 1L.

Musgo has some cute sandals for 0L and a bouquet of flowers for 0L on the table.

Noon has two animations for 0L- made ME blush.

G. Sloane has quite a few 1L gift bags in the front of the store right after you walk in.

Alatiel has a carnival outfit for 1L. Only caveat to this cool store is the fairy who follows you around. Rather disconcerting. Just wanna swat at her, you know?

Retro 0L and 1L at Ivalde! For the glam hollywood starlet in us all!

0L and 5L Indian style dress and bangles at LeLook. I just put this dress on and it is hawt! Love that mall!

Everglow has gift boxes with tatoos and a shape 'round the store.

Have a wonderful day!


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