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Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Kick Off ...

Lovelies, it looks like we'll have a busy weekend ahead with all of these Valentine hunts and available freebies .... Get Ready! Get Set! Go!

In the picture at the top of the blog, you will see the gorgeous freckled skin (natural) from Rockberry's Kissed Hunt gift, paired with the 5L hair (in a fat pack!) at Battle Angel. I almost look sweet, and innocent.

*juelles* SPECIAL VALENTINES HUNT . You will be looking for 6 hearts, that look like this ...

.... filled with goodies like this ....

They will only be out this week, so hurry on down. I believe there were 2 hearts on each of the levels of the store, in some very tricky hiding places! Good Luck!

SD Wears has 3-1L gifts for us inside their store. As well as a gift bag directly under the update group join sign. This store, has stuff for guys & gals! (Yay for more guy stuff!!) What's really cool about the contents of the gift bag ... there is a copyable 75L gift certificate for you to give to your friends, or new players you may come across in your travels. Check it out! Complete instructions on how to do this, are inside the bag.

Prism on the same sim, had a box, labeled Christmas Gift for 0L

Pop Art has a freebie box in the back corner

***Convoitise*** has several gifts on the counter, I am sure we've mentioned these previously - they have added a gorgeous dress to their line up, its a mere 15L, and is perfect for just about anything you'll be doing in SL.

NB Look has a free skin

Pixel Dust has free hair & subscrib-o gift when you join.

Pulling Strings, in the H&S Village has added a fun pose the to the lucky chair. If you are looking for fun photo poses, and furniture animations, this is THE place to shop! This particular pose is also transferable, so you can give it as a gift.

If you need something specific, talk to Elle Kirshner, I know she will take good care of you - especially if you mention my name.

OJ also in the H&S Village, as a free bag in the window for 0L. Inside you will find this adorable set of leg warmers. Notice the precious bear charm? On the other leg, there is a heart. Soooo very cute!

Silk Dreams has a free sexy walk ao, Elemental's Capri set, and other freebies on the upper level.

Unique Jewel still has January's Freebie available.

Ema's main store has the Red Cherry Crush outfit for 9L. Pretty good deal huh?! I love the run in the stockings.

I believe she will be changing up here freebie tomorrow as well, so be sure to check it out.

Ova Hauled is on the same sim as Ema's, and is offering KittyLeg Warmers for 1L, and the Heart Breaker outfit also for 1L. Tap that subscribo!

Courtisane Sculpted Footwear has, you guess it, free shoes!

Rocket Frogz shoes & skins has chameleon Cupid 1L valentines special pumps

What a terrific savings. I noticed shoes in the store regularly priced at 300L

FireGOOD!!! has VAIN Hunt Prize # 175, which is this cool globe. You actually wear it, and the whole thing hovers up & down slightly.

Panda Eyes has a cute "black Magic dress" for us. Other items in the store are EXTREMELY affordable!

Upstairs, you will find Men's tuxedo, and shoes priced at 1L & in the middle of the shoe carousel, a box with free ladies tops.

Dark Eternity is a HUGE castle, with an enormous selection of clothes. At the link I provided, there are freebie "midnight" masks. Which are perfect for masquerades, or even the upcoming Mardi Gras Feb. 24th . There is also a 10L table with assorted items for all your gothic/vampire needs. On the same table you will find gift boxes for men and women.

Gothic Twist
has a gift bag available just inside the door at your feet.

Glam Couture has a Valentine outfit for us as well. I love the tied shirt! Check it out.

CnS Poses now known as CnS e-motion has 3 couples poses -at 1L each at the rez point. If you go inside & upstairs you will find loads of freebies up there as well

I'll be back with more soon!


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