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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ah....what do you have to do to get them to understand??

So, I'm standing at a freebie store today, and the owner has 5 skins which I know to have been AR'd twice as stolen skins from Laqroki.

I explain to the owner since he's making nothing on the skins anyway, he should remove them because they are stolen content and he's giving away stolen goods. He doesn't see it that way, and refuses to take them down. Doesn't remember how he came upon the skins. Doesn't make anything. Has no investment in them at all....but refuses to take down stolen content.

I call for reinforcements and AR's are being filed as we speak. Now, I'm really, really torn - do I give you the name of this store that doesn't support content creators, and have you possibly go running to grab freebies, or do I not?

Tough decision. You want to know? IM me.


Anonymous said...

No, Honey.. don't post it. Not everyone feels as you do about stolen content and it can only distribute stolen things. There are enough content creators out there willing to share good, well-made freebies with the community. Support those in your blog.. :)

Gavyn said...

There are plenty of freebie skins out there (like the one at Bliss). Continue to post those and sleep easy at night.

If you truly want, consolidate a list of free skins into a post.

Therefore, I say "no" do not mention the store.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion you should name the store . Other blogs do and i think it should go out to protect those creators who worked hard to make their works.

Anonymous said...

I several times contact Mallory (Lagroki, RaC TM) about stolen content, without filing abuse report (last 5 times I did AR). But looks like Lagroki not cares about this at all. Also as I wrote in own profile stolen items can works nice as advertisment. Make them No modify/COPY/TRANSFER. ADD FREE to name add original store TM to name, add weblink to original store website. It wil lworks fine specialy when ll be shared in new residents area. Also would be perfect there are wil be finally creator the same name as original creator. But unfortunately SL creators very weak in business, marketing, but calling self designers let them fly above heads of other residents. Also this old line Lagroki (RaC) skin wide availble as business pack in non english sector of SL. See nothing bad if they share this free, if creator decide not to notice such things. I am for sharing such freebies in this case.
Silk Aeon.

Honey said...

Hm...Winter DiPrima went over himself last night to file the DMCA, so I don't really believe that they don't care about this.

If anyone knows Mallory Cowen, maybe they could ask her to respond to this posting.


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