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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lots O Goodies...

Hey, hey, Folks its me, you favorite random blogger Me, Justice, and today I got some great stuff from Little Britain one Freebie, one Midnight Mania, one Lucky Chair and one Camping..

First up the Freebie, is called Pub Crawl and let me tell you this is right up my alley. It comes with a great shirt, torn jeans, and a beer belt!! I mean who doesn't love a beer belt? The pants are perfect for your favorite pair of boots.

Next up is the Midnight Mania, so when you are in there picking up the freebie, slap the board. Its a nice set of buckled jeans, they're great for when you are wanting that Rockstar look!

In the Lucky Chair there is a rugged out fit to fulfill all your Rambo needs, or if you are trying to win a best in camo contest! Its a whole outfit called Survivor. right down to the knives. No one will want to mess with you. Again the pants are great with those combat boots.

Last but not least is a Camping prize, A tool belt. Its totally cool and will be wearing it often when I go off building, you have to look the part right?

All of the above also comes as female version, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to see me try to pull those off. Also there are a couple more Camping items, Neko Boots with Daggers, Spiked Belt, Spikes Collar, and Spiked Cuffs. So all in all this place is a must see, so get there today after all this stuff is there for a limited time!

Till next time,
Cya on the Flip side.


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