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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ton o' Stuff!

After receiving that glorious gown I blogged Thursday, I decided to check out Sascha's Designs store. If you love gowns, you really need to be a member!

Wearing your Sascha's group tag entitles you to a WALL of gowns and outfits, for every month of the last year! WOW! If you look around the store, you can also find the following freebies in the store.

Here is a pic and link to the "Smokey Tit" top. It certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination.

You can also find a Free Belt here. Click on the logo to pick it up.

The Feather Top can be picked up as well.

::DarKCatZ::, has added a dollarbie cig to their freebie/dollarbie wall.

Complete with puff of smoke & everything.

One of Lemania's first outfits has been set for retirement.

The outfit includes a chain necklace and chain belt and an uberly sparkly corset style top. This will be available in the Change Room for the next few days.

While you are up there, keep an eye open for this "Cool Cat" attire.

(boots not included)

Lemania and The French Farm Sims are starting a new hunt called "The Oscar Trivia Hunt."

There will be an Oscar Statuette hidden in a store in either The French Farm Sim or the Lemania Sim for 72 hours, you have to find the statuette, answer the trivia question and then you get your reward.

The first store is Glitter, which started yesterday at 6 pm. She has generously given a whole bunch of furniture and a great leather jacket set for men and women.

Here is a sample of the couch in the gifts, from Glitter.

Lemania has also a tribute outfit for the Divine Divas group to honor the life of 80's icon, Farrah Fawcett. The outfit, has been appropriately named "Pretty Woman."

This week Lestat as come up with a sexy mini skirt and top set for the weekly dollarbie at The French Farm.

I'll be truthful, I have been wearing this outfit for 2 days! I absolutely love it! Matching shoes shown here are also available for 200L.

Peppermint Blue has a hot new location with several outfits priced at 1L or less.

For a limited time, you can pick up this special edition dollarbie sporty outfit.

Marlene's has a 1L 4th of July outfit, as well as a tribute outfit to Michael Jackson - also 1L

We'll be back soon with more!


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