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Friday, November 28, 2008

Fabulous Friday Finds!

Hi again!

I was out freebie hunting again today and have lots of goodies to tell you about.

By now, I am sure you are getting to know me at least a bit, and have realized that I am a skin fanatic, so of course I have more to share with you today! The skin I am wearing the pic above has gorgeous freckles and make up, and can be found at SPIRIT SKINS. If you prefer dark skin, they have a freebie pack for you as well!

Gridlife has an outfit entitled Sunny Afternoon with dress, straw hat, and slides

Cailyn's Classic Jewelry has a freebie butterfly ring, rubix cube earrings & diamond stud earrings

Blowpop Skins has their Mellie3 skins - jumbo pack for free

Eolande's is offering a free hair accessory

Check out Yome for their gifts.

DelEmma has a free Celestial choker set out.

Coucou! has free shoes for a kimono - to the left there is a free purple tank & a free pose stand.

Punch Drunk Crap has Pearl & Purple Necklace for 1L, Antique Seafoam colored lace dress on the floor for 1L, and Pearl Birds Necklace specially priced at 10L

Lots of goodness to be found at Shabby Chic! Outside the store, there is a Christmas Bazaar with items between 0-5L available at vendors. Inside the store, there is a lucky chair. If you take the escalator to the 3rd floor and there are TONS of freebies up there too.

Loads of yummy goodness at +Brain +Free+udewaaa

*Amacci* has a free face light & a pair of eyes for the taking.

Belleza has more free skins ... one for the guys, and one for the girls

Honey*Soul has a knitted sweater pair, perfect for couples, only 12L

= B! FASHION = has been added to my list of favorite places to shop. I even added this store to my profile pics so i can go back in a couple of days and get more free goodies. Here you will find Lucky chairs, camping, a free body suit, and tank top. Upstairs on the 3rd floor, there is a room with seriously discounted items, and MORE freebies!

Talon Faire has a Thanksgiving Day Gift & belong the Freebie Ring, which you can click for more yummy stuff.

Meu and Ska Shack has gifts by the Christmas tree, and if you walk up to the snowman, type thing and type "/04 oi " and he gives you a present.

/WASABI PILLS/ has eyes called blackout

Elle! Elite Island has dollar/freebie corner upstairs where they are offering a "cheeky denim" set

SOUTHERN COMFORT has bookshelf full of home decor all 0L. (This is one of my favorite places to shop for home decor.)

.::Fashion Bar Peppermint Blue::. has a freebie wall Fri-Sun every week

Kakaue Shoes & Boots has free elegant boots for you, as well as lucky chairs & a Guess and Win game - where I won a welcome mat, and key chain & 2 pairs of vans all in under 5 mins. do you think I was lucky enough to win the necklace I had my eye on? Of course not! LOL

The Wicked Garden has a free cornucopia basket on the stairs, and a stunning silver gown for $1L, scaled diamonds jewelry set, upstairs for 5L, and a camping chair and some other cheapies in this corner

*** Convoitise *** lots of goodies on the counter for guys and girls some a 0L, while others are worth the $1L you have to pay for them.

Ema's has a Snowflake outfit 0L

Ova Hauled has a cute Holiday neko collar on offering.

Liquid Rock Club has free concert tees

C-Morane Creations has fabulous freebies, and camping opportunities

*Sanctum Hair* is a Gorean shopping area, and is offering free hair

LELLI Moda has a free gift on the table, just inside the door and reasonable prices on the the other items in stock as well.

Victoria V- Fashion has a new Short Red Dress 1L

Je t'aime has a free face light,and Thanksgiving gifts, one for him, one for her. At the back of the store don't forget to grab up your free outfit, called Seduction in Lemon. Very lacy, and feminine 0L other colors of this beauty are selling for 799L

* B&T Atelier * has unisex turkey shirt for 0L. They have a little room, with a sign over the door way called bargains, freebies & specials the only dollarbie type item I found in there was actually 5L , for cute ballet flats and stockings.

*K-Design* has freebies on the table include free heels, free rings, and male leather jewelery and more freebies here

Solange! Fashions / The Silk Raven has super gorgeous fur trimmed Christmas silks. Even if silks aren't your thing, these could make a gorgeous addition to your lingerie collection in the form of a strapless bra, and thong panties set.

Imperial Elegance has Chubby Girl AO, Free Casual Girl AO, & a different Free Moon Poses than I showed you yesterday (I'll definitely use that in a demonstration in the future)

Envy has a free gift on the desk

.:RIO:. has set out (and probably still from last month) Trick 'o' Masks - 3 at 1L each

Arrogant Lioness
has free eyebrows

*~ Purple Rose jewelry Fashion ~* has a festive Free Xmas Tree Set and Snowman pin giveaway, as well as their tons of other freebies. Good stuff in their lucky chair too!

From left to right, the outfits pictured above are as follows:
  • White Christmas Silks from Solange
  • Pretty in Silver, from Wicked Garden
  • Lil Punk from C-Morane Creations
  • Tenue Black from ***Convoitise***


If you find freebies that are not featured here, send us a note. I'd be happy to take your pic wearing the item :)

If you see me in world, don't be afraid to say Hi!

Until next time ...

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