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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Berry Pop has a boat-load of goodies in this freebie pack. Some of the goodies include underwear, swim suits, jeans, even a tattoo.

Chez Gabrielle is offering a cute pair of Christmas Tree Earrings at their main store.

Butterfly Princess has freebie set called Rosebud. This includes a latex top, skirt, stockings and gloves.

Royal Designs has a Christmas tree set out with great dollarbies, including a sexy baby-doll, green boots, and a Christmas skin.

I hit the jackpot at ***Trubble*** today. I went in to pick up the Miss Santa 2008 outfit, and explored the rest of the store. Upstairs I found a 1L wall of goodies, including clothes, gorgeous jewelery, and and a retro handbag. Over in the corner, there is a white sculpty couch with red cushion for 5L

House of Heart has lots of prezzies for us too! I went to pick up this yummy outfit, and came out of there with a loads more. They have a Goodie Corner with Lucky Chairs and past release gifts.

Did you know Adored Clothing has a 1L store? Oh yes they do! Check it out.

Have you been to Body by Eve? They too have a Christmas tree set out with a beautiful red sequence dress for the ladies, and a tat for the guys. Both for 0L. Their generosity does not stop there. You can grab a gift bag for the ladies, and one for the guys too.

Digit Darkes, another one of SL's creme de la creme stores has these divinities for us. A chunky bangle set for 0L, and 2 pairs of gingham maryjanes for 1L per pair.

The mysti-tool, is a staple in my day-to-day SLife. A free version, with limited features can be picked up, as well as a free radar if you don't already have one from Mystical Cookie Designs.

The Glanz & ami store has free hair, and skins displayed. The skins, also come with a shape.

SWeEt ALliCe was a fun stop. Several skins available for 1L each, plus a freebie. These funky skins, have an urban flair.

Macy's Boutique - has 3 gift bags laid out for 0L each. Don't forget to check out the lucky chair.

Chat'Teigne has 6 dollarbies on display, called Santa Neko. These are very cute & fur trimmed, in a variety of colors.

.:\D3R PoseS/:. has a free pose for the ladies. Very sexy indeed.

If you are in to latex and fetish, stop by Kayliwulf. They have a massive display of latex goodness. All for 0L.

While were on the subject of kink, another store, CFW has a free transparent latex suit, and free Viper female skin.

The Fierce Designs Main Store has the coolest Advent Calendar I have ever seen. Starting December 1, you can stop by, and click the date on the calendar, and get the freebie du jour.

Mercury Johin has a gift of art

Tyranny Designs has the cutest "head bunneh" It's a rabbit, with a Santa hat on, who sits upon your head. There are 3 different ones, all attaching to a different point on your body. Fashionable? probably not .. but adorable!

Who says you have you spend mega bucks in SL to achieve a certain look? Here, I am wearing freebie hair from House of Heart, the outfit & boots I picked up at the Adored 1L store, the boots are from as well. The skin, is from SWeEt ALliCe. I spent a grand total of 3L in the above pic.

Until next time ....


Anonymous said...

The LM to the dollarbie store to Adored doesn't lead me there. It brings me to the store on the ground/land :-(
Searching for a teleporter, but I don't have much patience for searching for hours :-(

Opal Jorda

Anonymous said...

Uhmmm, used my flight feather to go there. Yeah, blonde..... LOLZZ

Opal Jorda


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