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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey folks!!

Hope you all had a rockin holiday season!

I've been busy today searching freebies for you. Enjoy! :-D

Kissable Kitties Designs have simply loads of dollarbies for you. As you land at the Slurl, there are 2 dollarbies and a freebie in front of you on the wall. Turn to the left, and EVERY outfit on that wall has at least one colour for 1L. The only one I didn't find a dolalrbie of was the set of just jeans. The bikini set in the top left has every colour for 1L each. Upstairs, there are another few outfits with dollarbie colours. On top of all the dollarbies, I didn't see a single outfit over 80L normal price, so definitely have a look round, and see - very good prices!

Forbidden Appearance have a male tattoo and a set of female eyes for 1L each upstairs on the table. If you like skins, in this store, they are only 50L each!

Next door at Elizabeth's Store there is a gift bag under the table on the ground floor, and another one upstairs. This place sells very reasonably priced jewelry.

Opposite this store, there is a 10L or less store. Everything here is 10L and under, and upstairs there are a lot of dollarbies and freebies.

Couture Chapeau have a brolly for just 1L. It even opens with an animation to hold above your head when you click it.

Prinny's Prims have a set of 'Andromeda Rose Jewelry' for 0L.

Captain Jack's has a Painted Lady full body tattoo for 1L. Not sure how long this is out for, so make sure you get it while you can! Its in the pic below.

!Mingo! has a free hair and necklace at one location, and a set of skirts and legwarmers at the other location! The skirt in pink is pictured below.

Also in the picture above, is a dollarbie pose from *Essential Soul Studio n Poses* called Thoughts.

Lisa's has a pleated green dress, a red underwear set and a turquoise underwear set. Also, there is a unisex gift here.

Donna Flora has a few different gifts on the table. Also still two gifts under the tree.

Finally, Numen has a few freebies dotted about. There's a free halter shirt here, Sets of Jeans Shorts and Vests for 1L per colour, and a dress called Ruth for 1L per colour too.

Be Back Soon!

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