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Friday, July 13, 2007


Today, I explored the Plaza Shopping Mall, and at laCim, I found a free gift of a white pearl necklace and matching earrings. They also have a Lucky Chair.

If you don't know about Lucky Chairs, they're found all over Second Life. They post a letter of the alphabet, and if the letter your name starts with comes up, you win whatever prize is being offered. I love them!

Across the street from laCim, I found Karma Designs, which offered a free gift of a man's and a woman's t-shirt. They also had a camping chair that you could sit in for 10 minutes, to earn a diamond bracelet. Of course, I took a 10 minute break! ;)

In the same mall, I found a store called Crochet, which provided a free gift of a flower tank top.

Still at the mall, Lancyr's offers a "free dog". I think this may be a stuffed dog, but I'm unable to open it here at the store...and I'm not done with the mall yet ;)

Ahhh, here's a store called Illy's which doesn't provide a "free" gift, but does offer 3 boxes of jewelry - one is a necklace with a heart for $5, one says "jewels" for $5, and the last just says Illy, for $2. I got them all and will try to remember to report back with what they were. They also have a Lucky Chair. If you're a shoe freak, they have some really nice ones at a fairly reasonable price.

Oh...a nice find. At Expressions by Delilah, I found a free sexywalk override. You'll find these free occasionally, but many places charge $50 for it.

I think that concludes tonight's shopping exploration!

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