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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A freebie from me....

OK, I have a challenge for you :)

I'm seeing from my statistics counter that I actually do have readers, but in a year of running this blog, I don't think I've had a single comment.

So my challenge to you is....leave me a comment! Let me know you were here. Sign it with your avatar name, and I'll drop you a pair of shoes. In your comment, let me know whether you want white, gold, silver, fur slides, clear slides, black, chocolate, teal, deep red, or purple shoes, and I'll drop the appropriate pair into your profile.

Waiting to hear from you! :)


Georg Stonewall said...

Oki then i will be the first. I really don't need girls shoes, but I like your blog :-).
And I will thank you for having us (G&N Quality Design) in your blog. Go on, you do a very good job here.

Dani said...

I also don't need shoes, but I"ll tell you not only do I read your blog, I have linked it to mine....

www.dbdbw.blogspot.com :)

and I check your blog every day!!

Anonymous said...

Another one looking at your blog everyday, but not needing shoes badly.
But I am here :-)
Always nice to look what you found on SL and often I go to the places you mentioned.
So you do a real good job with it!

Byezz, Opal Jorda

Joshooah Lovenkraft said...

I don't need any heels either but I read your blog .. and I think according to bloglines the feedreeder, you have a few regular readers that subscribe to your RSS feed so i'm sure you have more readers than you may suspect

limebail said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lorraina McDonnell said...

Oh girl, you know I read your blog. I love it and use it all the time. I have become a freebie addict! as for shoes, you know I love yours... so I cannot pass them up, I would love a pair of the clear slides, please!


p.s. I plan to make another change in my clothing line.. and there will be freebies, Ill keep you updated!

Anonymous said...

Hello ... Vienna`s calling :-)

This is Hazel Homewood speaking, another reader of your blog. I check your blog daily, I like most of your finds, and you are on my blogroll :-)


I don´t leave comments on blogs often but I like your blog!
And nope ... I don´t need shoes LOL

You do a good job!

Greetings, Hazel Homewood

Honey said...

My heart is positively warmed! Lorri, your shoes will be delivered when I get inworld tonight!

Thanks to you all! It's nice to see actual readers! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog on SL I found.


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