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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I feel so bad for neglecting you all week (darn modeling class!) that I wanted to dig up some freebies for you!

At TorTec, you can get a free youtube TV. Just rez, paste the url of the video you want to watch to chat, and that's it!

Angelwing Fashion has a lovely gown for 1L and a cute little pink outfit, also for 1L.

A&K Designs has an outfit set for 0L, called Kitty Punk. She also has a giant teddybear for free too, that you and your honey can sit on!

RZB Designs has a free peasant blouse, but it's a 24 hour freebie, so hurry!

At Rahz, you'll find a variety of free items, including one sharp looking black and white dress!

Finally, a very upscale freebie! At LeeZu Baxter Designs, you'll find several (6) freebies on a table in the bargain section. And omg, I bought four outfits while I was there...I'm broke!

And please, a note to all of you designers out there. I appreciate that you want to keep your name in my mind by presenting me with a free pose stand. I get that, I really do. Good marketing, added value, all that....I truly get it. But I, and many, many women I know, put their clothes on by "Add to Outfit". Models especially. Please do not include a pose stand with your outfits. I'm so tired of being embarrassed by wearing one and just delete them anyway when I wear them. Want to give me a pose stand? Give it to me in a separate box at the front of your store. If I need one...I'll grab it.

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