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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A bittersweet freebie

If you've come into SL in the past year, you may or may not have heard about Ginny Talamasca. Ginny was an incredible designer and one of the owners of Last Call - a wonderful haute couture fashion house. Ginny died in RL last October, and the fashion industry grieved. Her partner (his partner, actually, because Ginny was a man in RL), Katterina Dagostino kept Last Call open for a few months after Ginny's death, but ultimately, it had to close so that we could all move on. If you google Ginny Talamasca, you will find all kinds of blog posts, but truly, one of the greatest design talents in SL died that day.

Since one cannot grieve forever, Katt has created a partnership with Danner Dosei, and together they have open Archange. Since I hadn't kept up with the blog for months, I hadn't been aware of this partnership until today, when I found that Archange is giving a freebie. I teleported to the location....and landed on the Dazzle sim, where Last Call had formerly existed - in fact, it's the same building.

I experienced several painful moments as I stood there in the doorway and realized what I was seeing. The store is stocked but not fully, but the clothing was very reminiscent of Ginny's style. The dollarbie (on the stairs), is a beautiful gown called Christine, and very much in Ginny fashion with the same beautiful textures and detailing that we had previously enjoyed. You'll definitely want to get this one, but note that it is a group gift.

I have to say that I'm delighted to see Katt and Danner move forward, and wish them the best of success.

Christine by Archange

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