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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Morning!!

Good Morning Freebie Fashionistas!

Did you pick up the Mistress Boots from THE DOMINION Fashion District for 0L ?

SILLY PEPPERS has these Free & Discounted skins on offering.

lessthanthree is offering free skins, & cheap eyes,

TRUTH has some dollarbie hair, plus their famous hair sale ..... 50L per color pack! (Yay, more hair!!)

humming has cute red shorts for 1L, tweed dresses, one in brown, the other in red 1L


When I was on the SL grid earlier this week, I popped in to Baby Monkey and was lucky enough to find the Designer, and CEO of the company in the store. As a matter of etiquette, I sent Ms. Pixieplumb Flanigan a note, thanking her for the lovely offerings, and asked permission to feature her in our blog. After a brief discussion, I was very happy to learn that she has read our blog, (yay!). She was also kind enough to give me some notable points you may find of interest about her store, and group.

Pixie's large store, features a wide array of affordable clothes, in every color known to the rainbow. You can find reasonably priced basic tees, sweaters, dresses, skirts, & shoes. Ohhhhh the shoes! What's your favorite style? Flats? Pumps? Mules? She has them! Victorian styled shoes? Oh ya, she has those too! Lots of color richness, and patterns to choose from! Your outfit would not be complete with out bangles, and a handbag you say? Pixie has taken care of your accessory needs with a wonderful selection of those as well!

If you have child avi's here is something to make note of - a great selection of kids clothes. The same fine quality, and detail as the adult clothes, some of the shoes, come with color change, flex lace frills and a re-size script.

If you join Pixie's group, you will not be disappointed. Looking back through the group notices, I realized that Ms. Flanagan spoils her group members, which she has affectionately named "Baby Monkey Junkies". The group is now free to join, and definitely worth it! Look for this sign.

Freebies can be found over in the corner. Below is a taste of what you'll find inside. The skirt, even has a resize script, and the tees come in 3 color choices, along with a pair of panties. The same mesh netting in the bow of the shoes (a former freebie) is in the skirt! There is also a box with shoes and boots.

Thank you Pixie!


The Tarnished - freebies plus scribo

Gbberish Boutique cream colored spring suit

Gesticles Gestures in the Razor Mall has a free box of gestures. Some of these are crazy fun!!

While you are there, slip next door to Jezzebel Rock. She has an awesome gift in her scrib-o, you can camp for free goodies too!

I wandered around outside a bit more, and found freebie, and dollarbie items, tucked away in these sculpty prims over by the dumpster.

Goodies include Ying Yang Dragon Belt; Silver Chain, Fire Dragon belt; Diamond Sapphire Silver Ring; Neko plaid skirt; Rusted barbwire wrist band/armband

Otaku Designs, also in the Razor Mall, and a lucky chair and a freebie box that contains tattoos. Don't for get to hit the subscribe-o-matic on your way out.

Seductive Nikki's, you guessed it, on the Razor Mall sim has a subsrib-o-matic with free gift also a hoodie in men's or woman's styles for 1L

Get Ready! .......

There is another hunt on the horizon!

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