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Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Night's Alright!

I received the following note, from my friend Claire, of Symphony Skins.

Greetings freebie hunters!

Symphony Skins will be retiring the *SS* No.2 Series of skins on July 31st.
To celebrate their life before their death *giggles* I'm placing out a fat-pack named "Jazz Club" in all skin tones as hunt items. There are three makeups/faces to hunt in six shades, so you'll be hunting down a total of 18 hidden treasures. They are numbered and labeled, but there will be no clues given to the whereabouts of the next rose.

They will be hidden in plain sight, nothing underground or in rooms with no doors, nothing silly like that. The sample rose is the same size as the ones you will be hunting. You may have to move around, not just use camera controls. The roses will be hidden indoors and outdoors, so don't forget to check the garden out front and Clothes Horse as well.

You will be hunting for the makeups named Cognac, Mesmerized and Showgirl in the skin tones Presto, Vivace, Allegro, Moderato, Andante and Largo.

*SS* No.2 is having a super sale which will run until they retire. 250L per fat-pack of three, or 1500L for the mega pack. The mega pack *does* contain the hunt items as a bonus. If you aren't a hunter, you have the option of buying them that way if you wish.

To make a very LOUD final note:

As of the 31st of July... ALL *SS*No.2 skins will be retired. They will disappear, poof, gone, no more.
This hunt is a sort of "thank you" to the customers who've supported me, and while things move on, they aren't forgotten. So ummm, yeah. Thank you to everyone, I hope you enjoy the hunt!

Shown above are the Jazz Club Skins, in Allegro and below, in Vivace.

I love makeup - Total sophistication.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that these skins are my absolute favourite in the entire SL world! I encourage you to take part in this hunt, to sample the love, and the quality of Claire's awesome skins!

Magika is also having a hunt!

Here is a glimpse of what's in store for you! See the posts below (where noted) for more winning goodies!

Lemania has TONS going on as always!

This gold coin ensemble was Thursday's daily dollarbie, and can now be found in the change room area.
Hair is prize # 2 in the Running with Scissors Hunt

This week at The French Farm it's Lemania's Turn to create the weekly dollarbie gift & she created this celebration of the Twilight Novels that most of us know and love. Look at the detail of the jewel details at the cleavage. This should be out, until Tuesday, July 9th.

Hair is prize # 3 in the Running with Scissors Hunt

Friday's daily dollarbie, is this green rip teddy, which will be available until about 11am Saturday morning in the store. After that time, it will also be moved up to the change room where it will remain for 1 week.

This sexy little number is scripted, and promises lots of hours of fun with your special someone!

Philotic Energy has dollarbie hair for guys & gals. If you turn around, there is also a vendor support item, for 10L! There is a "Cheapie" section as well, with a few selections for 1L.

Couture Chapeau & the Prop Shop have quite a few freebies. You can pick up an Avatar starer kit, one for male and one for female. There are 2 dollarbie boxes, and just in time for your 4th of July celebrations, there is a waving flag with cheering sounds, here.

Tasha's Designs has a bandanna in celebration of the 4th, for 0L. There is still a table full of freebies there too, if you haven't checked that out in a while, you really should.

I'll be back soon with more July 4th freebies. I have a bunch lined up to show you!


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