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Friday, August 22, 2008

Get busy freebies!

Lots here today folks!

KSG Shoes is offering a beautiful pair of dark blue peep-toe pumps for free, and several pairs of pumps with sexywalk and sound for 1L per pair. Great deal!

Rha! Designs is offering a free cream-colored "strip tease" shirt. Touch the dispenser to get it. Be sure to take a look around the store - there are lots of really nice clothes! There is also a dollarbie wall in the back with some great items!

Starting today and running through the 31st, Sascha's Designs is having a hunt. The info reads:

Starting this Friday, 23rd of August til 31st of August, we will have a HUGE hunt on the premises of:* My main store - Sascha's Designs * The mall Sascha's High Noon * The ballroom Mikey's - '50's Dance Club. There are NO clues, there are little balls and other unusual things to be found all over the place.....

There's a large list of well-known designers participating. However, it's apparent that some of the designers weren't ready to open their gifts yet. There are a couple you can find, but can't take.

At The Pounded Flounder Market (great name!), go upstairs at Nekorific and you'll find a nice selection of shirts marked down to 5L, and freebies in the corner of the store downstairs.

At Unique Moonsoo, you'll find a lovely corset and black slacks for free. Seriously, be sure to check out this store. The designs are gorgeous and the prices are right!

Sebis Store is offering their blue "Phoebe" outfit for 1L until tomorrow.

At Antifish, you'll find some freebies and dollarbies.

Lemania Indigo Designs is offering a 1L skin called Dusty Rose.

MudHoney is offering their "tutti fruitti" livingroom set for only 1L. So called, presumably, because the colors are grape and orange. It's actually quite attractive and includes a couch, chair, coffeetable/ottoman, and matching candles.

Three dollarbies can be found at Kaliedoscope on the window ledge. If you like retro, you'll like this store! :)

ALB Dream Design has a couple of freebies. I think I had mentioned one before - a female Native American outfit, which is still there, but there is also a cute outfit for free as well.

At Gbberish Boutique, on the table, you'll find a cute white rose tank top. For the guys, there's a free pair of jeans upstairs. No transfer, so you'll need to take him with you, or send him here for the link ;)

OK, that's it for now! I'm off to see what place I'm in in the photo contest! Wish me luck (and vote!!) :)


Anonymous said...

That Sasha Hunt is a drama, wondering if this is really a hunt. The only thing I found was a box that was almost invisible for instance. Never seen such a bad hunt. Won't surprise you that I quited and left the owner of the store an IM telling here that I felt mislead with all of this :-)

Zarissa Beltran

Honey said...

I actually found several things, but boy, you do have to look hard. They are tiny little balls.


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